Message from the Executive Directors



Welcome to the 2018-2019 academic year at Foothills Academy.

It is with great excitement that we begin our 40th year at Foothills Academy!  We currently have the greatest potential and capacity to deliver outstanding services to the largest segment of the Learning Disabilities community that we have ever had.  

Although our School population remains maximized, we are reaching out to more young people and families through Community Services in Read/Write & Math instruction, Amicus Camp & Recreation, and Psychological Services & Programs.  Additionally, our Professional Development & Parent Education department is continually expanding our high quality online educational offerings.  

After four decades as a leader in Canada serving individuals with Learning Disabilities, we have reflected on the work we do in the School and through Community Services.  In doing so, we have further built on our strong foundation of Self-Determination Theory with the maxim:

Find Understanding

Build Confidence

Maximize Potential

We feel that this is ultimately what we provide individuals and families who are struggling with Learning Disabilities:  a sense of being understood, the opportunity to build skills, and the support they need to meet their goals. It is crucial for us to help individuals understand themselves, and for us to understand their needs (social, emotional, and academic).  In order for us to ensure individuals are motivated and able to succeed, we have to scaffold our work with them to build their confidence, since we know that they are capable, and with our help they will start to see and believe this too.  And finally, we know that the young people we serve have great, untapped potential, and sometimes we are the only ones who can see this and who are able to support individuals to reach it.


Simon & Karen

Mr. Simon Williams and Dr. Karen MacMillan
Executive Co-Directors


Simon Williams, MSEdDr. Karen MacMillan, R. Psych
Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (LDAA), Board of Directors (President)Calgary & Area Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (RCSD), Executive Committee
Alberta Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA), Board of Directors (President)Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC), Board of Directors
Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC), Professional Advisory Committee

Foothills Academy Society is proud to be one of the backbone agencies for the Calgary and Area LD & ADHD Network.

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We are very proud that Foothills Academy was chosen to be profiled as one of the Best-Practice Pioneers on the Cambridge Strategies Innovation 800 website.