Amicus Programs and Camps

Social Skills Programs Students

Our Amicus Programs are offered to children diagnosed with learning disabilities and/or ADHD (and are of average to above average intelligence) who experience challenges with Executive Functioning which can impact social skills, time management/organizational and study skills.

Our main focus is to assist in the development of these skills, and to help build their self-confidence and self-esteem. We do so in a structured and supportive environment that allows for fun and learning!

Many children with learning disabilities and ADHD have difficulty learning social skills intuitively; but they can learn if they are taught. These children may have externalizing (eg. bossy, impulsive) or internalizing (eg. shy, withdrawn, anxious) social skills difficulties that interfere with their ability to interact with peers in an appropriate manner which can make it difficult to make or keep friends.

During the school year, we offer programs on Saturdays
Let’s Be Social!

Transition to Junior High

During the summer, we offer Camp Amicus day camps and overnight camps