Survive & Thrive in Jr. High

Junior high school or middle school can be especially hard for students with Learning Disabilities/ADHD. With multiple teachers, increased workload and a lot more students, junior high can be an overwhelming experience.

In this program, a Foothills Academy provisional psychologist will facilitate a group for kids with LD/ADHD who are preparing to move up to junior high/middle school or are already there. A variety of topics related to challenges with executive functioning and social skill expectations at the junior high level are covered including study skills, time management & organization, peer relationships and bullying, goal setting and dealing with adolescence and self-esteem issues. In a fun and interactive environment, participants will become better prepared to make the junior high experience a successful one.

Portrait of a young girl giving you the thumbs-up with her friends behind her

  • Introduction and Identifying Personal Learning Strengths and Strategies
  • Identifying Learning Challenges, How to Advocate, and Setting Goals
  • Working in Groups, Social Skills, and Locker Room Etiquette
  • Hanging out with Friends, Hanging out at School, and Being Held Accountable
  • Dating, Study Skills, and Test-taking Strategies
  • Dealing with Adolescence
  • Time Management and Organization Skills
  • Dealing with Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Internet Safety

For full details about this program, read the Important Information and Summary for Survive and Thrive in Junior High.

Upcoming Program Dates: 

Winter 2019 – Please inquire

Spring 2019 – Saturday, April 6 – June 8 (no session April 20 and May 18)

Ages: 10-14 Years Old
Times: 1:00 pm to 3:15 pm
Cost: $600 (Program fees may be claimed as psychological fees on many private benefit packages. Bursaries may be available.)

Note: Parents should be aware that general discussion about the various diagnoses and their related challenges may come up during the course of the programs.

Intake Process: If your child has not participated in an Amicus or social skills program through Foothills Academy before, a Parent Intake Form must be completed. To begin the intake process, contact the Community Services Intake Assistant at 403-270-9400 ext. 252 or you can download the Parent Intake Form and send it in. We will ask for the current diagnosis of your child, if they have an IPP, code at school (if applicable), and other information about your child. Please note: the intake process can sometimes take one to two weeks, as we want to ensure that we can meet the needs of all the children in our program. It is ideal to begin the intake process, well before you intend to register for programs, to ensure availability. 

Registration Overview: After the intake process is complete, you will be sent the registration form package. If your child has already participated in Camp Amicus or Social Skills programs through Foothills Academy, contact our Intake Administration Assistant (403.270.9400 ext.252) to register your child. There is a non refundable $100 dollar deposit for the program.

Financial Assistance: We aim to have all programs accessible to all families. Through the generous support of donors, financial assistance is available. Please inquire about payment options.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Saturday Social Skills Programs


Intake Process