Free Parent Online Workshops

Our on-line workshops were created to allow parents to access evidence-based, reliable information, strategies and support for their children in a way that is convenient for them. Hectic lifestyles make it difficult to commit to attending in person classes and reading books or websites can leave a person feeling like they’re alone. On-line learning options provide flexibility by being open 24/7. If desired, a parent can revisit the same content multiple times. It also allows parents the ability to access information when it’s convenient for them. 

ADHD 101 for Parents

7 Priciples-1Introducing ADHD 101 for Parents, a free nine part interactive workshop that aims to help inform parents about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, examines it’s impact on families and provides awareness about a range of supports that exist to support young people with ADHD.

This course aims to empower families and professionals assisting young people with ADHD. We dispel the most common misconceptions about ADHD in young people and provide participants with evidence-based interventions, advice on medication and guiding principles that will provide the most effective supports for your young person. 

We understand how busy families can be so that is why we created this course so that it can be completed at your own pace. There is no set start date, you can begin and work through each lesson when you are ready to.

The best part about this workshop is that it is available for FREE! The link will take you to an external website. Here are a few helpful hints to get started.

From the start page, you can input your email to receive a free e-book, 7 Basic Principles of Parenting a Young Person with ADHD and be added to our e-news list to get updated about other programs and services offered through our Community Services area.

To begin the course, look at the top of the page and click on “Course Store” then click on “Buy Now” at the bottom of the page. Click on “Checkout”. You will be prompted to set up a login ID and password. This will allow you to go back in and complete the course later or revisit parts that you have already viewed as many times as you like.

Online workshop for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities

Having a child diagnosed with a learning disability can be overwhelming and isolating. This Parent Online LD Workshop incorporates video clips and short readings. Mother and Son

Topics covered include:
* General overview of Learning Disabilities
* Organization tricks to use at home
* Homework tips
* How to make transitions go more smoothly
* Memory tricks
* Listening strategies for your child
* Assistive technology
* Encouragement strategies to keep kids motivated

In order to register for this free online workshop, fill out and submit the online registration form or contact 403-270-9400. Once registered, you will receive instructions for how to begin the online workshop by the next business day.