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Foothills Academy Society Parent Workshops (Everyone is Welcome!)

All of our Parent Workshops are held at Foothills Academy from 6:30 Р8:00 pm with an opportunity to stay and connect with others from 8:00 Р9:00 pm. Admission is $10 and is payable online or at the door. Everyone (Foothills Academy school parents and the general community) is welcome to come. To ensure that we have enough space for everyone, we request that you pre-register through the online registration form link after each workshop description.

Tuesday, May 15th

Nuggets of Wisdom and Recipes for Success in Parenting Exceptional Children: Experiential and Evidence-Based Constructs

An attractive mother with brown hair and a green sweater hugs her young son as they both smile brightly and are surrounded by vibrant green spring colors.

In this workshop, Kathleen Kelava and Kathy Laycock will share information and ideas based on their personal and professional experiences as related to considerations in parenting children with unique needs (such as ADHD, LDs, and other often comorbid conditions/experiences). Areas that will be explored include: parenting styles; goodness of fit; contagion and management of anxiety; and, parental self-care.

Presenters: Kathleen Kelava, Registered Psychologist and Kathy Laycock, parent and FAPA president

Kathleen Kelava is a Registered Psychologist who is in her 3rd year at Foothills Academy, working in 3 roles: school counselling, private counselling, and psychoeducational assessments. Kathleen has a former life as a Calgary Police Constable and a current life of mom to 3 young boys (she isn’t sure which role is more treacherous, but she is certain which role is more rewarding)! Kathleen enjoys working from a systems perspective to help coordinate all of the moving parts in her clients’ lives, and to ensure the best possible outcome in what can often present as some highly challenging terrain.

Kathy Laycock, President of the Foothills Academy Parent Association (FAPA), has been navigating the world of exceptional kids since before she officially knew it. She has lived exceptionally from both sides; as a sibling of and as a parent to exceptional kids. She received her own diagnosis of ADHD in May 2016. She has 3 amazing kids, who also happen to be exceptional, and is passionate about supporting other parents on their journeys.

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