Psycho-Educational Assessments

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What is a psycho-educational assessment?

A psycho-educational assessment is a series of standardized tests to determine an individual’s intellectual ability, achievement levels, and social/emotional and behavioural functioning. These assessments are completed with children, adolescents, and adults to help identify underlying disabilities (e.g., Learning Disabilities, ADHD, associated disorders) which may be impacting their academic/work, social, and/or overall psychological well-being.

Who completes the assessments?

We are pleased to have a team of Registered Psychologists, Registered Provisional Psychologists and Masters and PhD level practicum and internship students specializing in Learning Disabilities working with us at Foothills Academy Community Services to conduct psycho-educational assessments, provide counselling and to facilitate small group programs. We are a teaching facility with all our students supervised by a Registered Psychologist.

What is involved in a psycho-educational assessment?

A full comprehensive assessment usually requires about six weeks to complete. The process typically includes:
– 1 hour intake session
– 2-3 testing sessions of approximately 2-3 hours each
– 1 hour debrief session to share findings
Information is gathered through interviewing, review of documents (e.g., IPPs, report cards, previous assessment reports including speech-language and occupational therapy reports), formal testing, and completion of rating scales and questionnaires.

Why are psycho-educational assessments needed?

Information gathered during the assessment can often lead to diagnoses such as Learning Disabilities; attention and behaviour related disabilities such as ADHD; anxiety or depressive disorders; or pervasive developmental disorders. Whether a diagnosis is made or not, the information can be used to identify what the individual needs to reach their potential. Reports provide recommendations to address special services/resources required within the home and school environments (e.g., individualized programming, assistive technology, extra time, access to specialized services). Assessment reports are often required to access certain services funded by the province or school boards.

No formal referral is required to begin the assessment process.


We currently offer assessments at a flat-rate of $1,900. 

Many private and employer benefit plans provide coverage for psychological services. It is recommended that parents/clients discuss their coverage with their insurer to determine whether our services will be covered. That is, it will be identified on the receipt who provided the service, including their position with us (e.g., intern, Registered Provisional Psychologist, psychometrist).  All clinicians are supervised by the Manager of Assessment & Intervention, who is a fully Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta.

Please note: Any costs for such services as psycho-educational assessments, counselling, or consultation that are not reimbursed through insurance may be claimed as a medical expense upon completing your income tax.

If you would like to have an assessment done at Foothills Academy Society, please click on the link below to fill out our intake form. You will be contacted to set up an initial intake session. Testing times will be scheduled during this initial intake session with your assigned clinician. Click here to begin Assessment Intake Form.