Reading, Writing and Math Tutoring

The Read / Write Program provides remedial assistance for children, youth, and adults from the general community experiencing reading or writing difficulties and performing at least one year below expected functioning level. Our trained, qualified and experienced educational staff assist clients not enrolled in the full School Program. 

Intensive Remedial  Read/Write Program:

A one-to-one 75-hour program is offered in 5-week blocks throughout the school year from September to June. (3 hours per day x 5 days per week x 5 weeks during a morning or afternoon time-frame) In the summer, the Intensive Program is 4 hrs per day for 4 weeks. This program is designed to address the needs of individuals in the areas of phonemic awareness, reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills based upon assessments and recommendations. The strategies used are centered around the foundation of the Lips (Lindamood Phonemic Sequencing) program plus other powerful programs such as Blended Structure and Style in Writing, Precision Reading, and concrete comprehension and spelling strategies.  See below for more related Read/Write programs (Modified, Boosters, Saturdays, and Summer).

  • On-going enrollment September 2018– June 2019 plus Summer 2019

Cost of Intensive Program including Post-assessment: $4,125 (75 hours x $55/hour).  Pre-registration with deposit is required. We try to accommodate our client families with payment plans. Financial assistance may be available, please inquire.

Saturday Tutoring Programs: September to June

  • one-to-one instruction in the areas of phonemic awareness, reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension, as requested by the client to address particular performance needs.
  • one-on-one sessions for 2 hours per Saturday for a renewable contracted time (minimum of 20 hours). The sessions cost $55/hr.
  • Available continuously throughout the year except for July and August

Curriculum Math

  • one-to-one sessions with lessons of 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours
  • Cost: $55.00 per hour

Chisanbop Math

  • often used as a calculation strategy for Curriculum math
  • one-to-one sessions of 1 hour are also available on Saturdays
  • Sessions cost $55 per hour. The minimum commitment for Chisanbop Math is 10 hours.

Booster Programs
Available in the areas of Read/Write; Curriculum Math and Chisanbop Math.  Please note that other Booster dates are available by arrangement.

  • Offered in July, August and Spring breaks
  • Instruction is on a one-to-one basis
  • Register for one or more weeks
  • Read/Write program at 3 or 4 hours per day
  • Math sessions can be 1 hr or 1.5 hr or 2 hr/day
  • Summer “Booster” Read/Write Program: July or August
    • Students come for one or more weeks (3 – 4 hours per day)
  • Spring Break Booster Program 2019: March 25 – 29 and/or April 1 – 5, 2019 

Modified programs 

Read/Write & Math programs are available at any time throughout the year, including after school and during the school day, based on demand.  1:1 on-going support for the development and application of study strategies, test taking, organization and time management skills also available on demand.


Please use the contact form provided (ATTN:  Gloria Robertson, Manager Read/Write & Math Programs) or by phone at 403-270-9400 ext. 233.