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Please use these articles/videos to increase your understanding and awareness of Learning Disabilities and ADHD.


Learning Disabilities: What Parents Should Know

ADHD: What Parents Need to Know

Assistive Technology

Being Strength-Minded: An Introduction to Growth Mindset

Cannabis Use and the Adolescent Brain 

Fact or Fiction? Determining the Truth Behind Two Common Treatments for Attention and Learning Challenges

How to Talk to Your Child about Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Preventing Summer Slip

Setting Students Up for Success in the Year Ahead

What is Cognitive Proficiency and How Does it Affect My Child?

Studying Better to Decrease Student Stress

Establishing Responsible Media Use by Dr. Karen MacMillan

Executive Functions by Tanya Keto

Helping Learning Stick

Keeping a Focus on Strengths: Managing Self-Esteem, Relationships & Behaviours

Learning Disabilities: A Guide to Identification & Assessment

Managing Test Anxiety

Student-Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Riding the Roller Coaster: Emotion Regulation and the Teenage Brain

Role of Executive Functioning Skills in Learning

Setting Students Up For Success

Small Classes, Individual Plans Aid Students with ADHD Globe & Mail article Sept. 2016

Social Skills Lessons – Can They Be Effective?

Student-Led Individual Program Plans: How to Get Your Students to Own Their IPPs

Supporting Executive Function Weaknesses

Is Anxiety Contagious? by Dr. Karen MacMillan