School Program

Foothills Academy Exterior

Foothills Academy is a Designated Special Education School serving students with Learning Disabilities from grade 3 – 12 following the Alberta Education curriculum.

Classes typically have no more than 14 students with a teacher and a part-time assistant. We focus on a wide range of strategies to help students find success – ensuring students reach their full potential. The aim for our students is to go on to successful and meaningful post-secondary education. We build on students’ strengths to enable them to become the great individuals whom they are capable of being.

Foothills Academy School focuses on the well-rounded child ensuring academics are of a high standard as well as putting great emphasis on the social and emotional side of our students. The high school completion rate and zero drop out rate are a testimony to the safe and caring environment both socially and academically that is fostered by supportive staff at Foothills Academy.

It is the goal of Foothills Academy Society that any qualified child should be able to attend the school program regardless of a family’s financial circumstances. Therefore, while Foothills Academy is a private school, it is also a charitable society that raises money every year to support its bursary fund. In order to support this goal, all families of children attending Foothills Academy are required to participate in and support the fundraising efforts of the society.

An Introduction to Foothills Academy

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Foothills Academy is a member of the Association of Independent Schools & Colleges of Alberta (AISCA)

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