Elementary Program

Foothills Academy offers elementary students in grades 3 – 6 the opportunity to be the very best learner they can be for the 21st Century. Through various activities, and experimentation with tools that teach students how to self-regulate themselves, students begin to understand how to self-advocate for their learning and become an engaged, on-task learner.

Our small class sizes allow the teachers to meet the individualized needs of each of our students, as well as program plan to ensure that the student begins to find success and become the learner that they aspire to be. Our students are integral participants in their learning team and have a large part in developing their Individual Program Plan (IPP).  Through goal setting, strategy development, understanding their learning profile, understanding their individual learning needs and strengths, students monitor their progress and self-evaluate their goals many times per term.

We provide everyone with a positive environment that builds on their successes and strengths and supports their areas of need.  Various learning strategies are explored and implemented to support each child’s abilities.  Our students strive to be the best they can be through various monthly positive reinforcement programs like On A Roll, Head of the Class, Bubble Gum Machine, and Super Kids and House Points.

One grade four student reported that “Since coming to Foothills Academy I am able to read chapter books now and I don’t spell my words backwards any longer.

A grade five student stated that “Since coming to Foothills Academy, I have more abilities to read.  I used to say I hate reading, now I NEVER say it because I have learned to read!