Junior High

Team Two at Foothills Academy (Grades 7 and 8)


The focus for these two years at Foothills Academy is truly focused on developing independence and the confidence to tackle any struggles. Often students enter with the mindset that they are unable to achieve success without the assistance of others. It becomes the primary objective of the teachers to have students realize their full potential. The programming is set up to assist in achieving this objective. In addition to core curriculum classes there are classes teaching organizational skills, reading strategies, and study skills. Often these skills are assumed in regular programming but we ensure that they are broken down and developed with the students in achievable increments.  Our student population learns in a variety of ways and it becomes essential for students to recognize their strengths and strategies that work for them. To assist in motivating students towards this we use both a merit program and student of the week to promote good decision making and provide positive reinforcement.

In addition to our programming we include various technologies to assist our students. Each classroom is outfitted with smart boards to assist teachers with creating lessons that are dynamic and have the capability to reach each learning style. Read Write Gold is a unique technology that offers students the ability to read difficult passages independently as well as an editing strategy to improve written work. To target individual needs we also offer Dragon Speak technology, reading programs such as Precision Reading, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, and mental health counseling. We ensure students have access to the tools/strategies they need to be successful. Our focus of increasing independence and confidence impacts all elements of our approach.