Tom Aylesworth Legacy Fund


On June 13, 2017, the Nickle Family Foundation presented a cheque for $700,000 to the Co-Executive Directors and Board Chair of Foothills Academy Society. This cheque represents the amount donated by friends, family and supporters and by the Nickle Family Foundation to the Tom Aylesworth Legacy Fund.  Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraising effort. 

Tom Aylesworth was a co-founder in 1979 of Foothills Academy and he served as the school’s long-time Business Manager until he was sadly taken from us on June 23 of 2015. Foothills Academy was the focus of Tom’s adult life.  He felt strongly that no child who might benefit from Foothills’ unique programs should be turned away for financial reasons.  Toward that end, much of his energy was focused on raising money for the Bursary Fund. To help ensure that vital goal continues to be met despite Tom’s passing, the Nickle Family Foundation (which Tom was also very involved with) established the Tom Aylesworth Legacy Fund to create an endowment that would generate income each year that will go toward directly helping students access the specialized programs and supports that Foothills Academy can offer. They offered to match all donations made to the fund by December 31, 2016.