Top 20 Reasons to Choose Foothills Academy School

  1. For the past 35 years Foothills Academy has been a leader in serving young people with Learning Disabilities.
  2. Each classroom has only 12-14 students and is staffed by a highly knowledgeable teacher and educational assistant, which allows us to truly get to know and connect with your child.
  3. Individualized programs enable teachers to address the unique cognitive strengths and weaknesses of each and every student, as well as work with families to meet their social and emotional needs.
  4. Teachers work beyond the academics, giving great significance to supporting their students’ ability to develop the skills to successfully and independently organize, plan, and study, as well as ensuring that students become strong self-advocates and have a high sense of self worth, resilience, and confidence.
  5. Transitions to postsecondary education are focused on throughout high school, as all students are expected to have the opportunity of post secondary education and career success when they graduate.
  6. Our experienced educators engage in on-going professional development to ensure they remain at the forefront of effective teaching of individuals with Learning Disabilities and their associated disorders such as ADHD and anxiety.
  7. The students in our school program are supported by a Counselling Psychology team in order to promote their mental well-being and foster their long-term resilience.
  8. We have an Assessment Psychology team which supports the school by collaborating with teaching staff to maximize their understanding of each child’s cognitive profile and identify appropriate evidence-based practices.
  9. We provide after-school support for homework and studying, as well as organizational skill development.Introduction to Foothills Academy
      1. We maintain a wide range of sports teams, extra-curricular events and off-site activities for students. Teams exist for basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, track and field, soccer, curling, badminton, golf and running. 
      2. Off site activities include swimming, scuba, curling, archery, mountain biking, climbing wall, back country camping, hiking, and volunteering opportunities.
      3. Fine arts in our school include a comprehensive Art program and Media Studies, incorporating film studies and drama. Our staff also run art clubs, an improvisation club, music/guitar club and an annual theatrical production.
      4. All students have access to appropriate Assistive Technology supports for their learning needs, working in conjunction with our full-time Assistive Technology Specialist.
      5. Each student has access to their own technology device, ranging from iPads, Chromebooks and/or laptops.


    1. Students have on-site access to Speech Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to help those who need these supports be even more successful.
    2. We engage in ongoing research efforts to ensure the delivery of evidence-based practices here at Foothills Academy, and well beyond.
    3. Our Estelle Siebens Community Services provides a wide array of services to compliment our school program, including workshops for parents throughout the school year and Camp Amicus day and overnight camps each summer.
    4. We value the importance of collaboration between teachers, families and students. We successfully implement student directed IPP goals and accommodations, which are regularly reviewed, monitored and accomplished in collaboration with families.
    5. Each year Foothills Academy provides professional development to over 3,000 teachers across Canada on Learning Disabilities and associated disorders.
    6. We do not turn any family away due to financial need. As a charity, our staff and families ensure that Foothills Academy is accessible to all, raising close to $1,000,000.00 annually for our bursary; giving access to the school program for those who are unable to afford the cost.

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