Parent & Community Education

Assistive Technology Support for Students with Learning Disabilities

Assistive technologies (AT) are devices and services that are used to increase, maintain, or improve the capabilities of a student with a Learning Disability (LD).

Students with Learning Disabilities often benefit academically from using AT at school. However, there can be a large learning curve for students and their families when it comes to understanding how to use and maximize AT.

Individualized training can be the last piece of the puzzle for many students that are unsure of how to use AT recommendations.

Individualized one-to-one AT consulting services are now available at Foothills Academy by our in-house AT expert, Cathi Graveline.

One-to-one training of AT can highlight key aspects of:

  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech software
  • Use of Smartpens and C-pens
  • Note-taking solutions
  • Various IOS Apps and Chrome Extensions

This service is available to our school student families and to the community-at-large. Clients can be children, teens or adults. If you are booking an appointment for your child or teen, they must come to the appointment with you. 

The cost is $75/hour and is payable at the time of booking through our online form. Please contact Tanya Keto if you require information or support in the form of a fee reduction.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday afternoons. 

  • Cathi Graveline , Assistive Technology Specialist

    Cathi Graveline is an Assistive Technology Specialist at Foothills Academy with 18 years of experience working with students with Learning Disabilities. She specializes in teaching and mentoring students in the use of assistive technology accommodations, such as: Dragon Naturally Speaking, Dragon Anywhere, Read & Write, Google Accessibility, iPad Accessibility, Smartpens, and more. Cathi is dedicated to helping students become successful learners whether it’s in a one-on-one setting, in small groups, or as part of an entire classroom.  Cathi is a Certified Google Educator (Level 1), and an Apple Teacher.