Read / Write & Math

Small Group Program Pilot

Winter and Spring 2021

The Read/Write & Math department is excited to announce a new pilot program. Foothills Academy has offered evidence-based one-to-one instruction for over 30 years to the Calgary Community and we are proud of the thousands of students who have benefited from this programming. However, one-to-one instruction can be cost-prohibitive to some families and restricts the number of students that we are able to serve each year. Fortunately, current research shows strong outcomes for both one-to-one and small group instruction. This research has led us to develop small group pilots to reach an even wider community of students. After these initial pilot groups, we anticipate our small group programs will become a significant part of our future programming. 

What is the Small Group Program?

Recent research shows that small group instruction is an effective way to strengthen student learning when evidence-based strategies are used. Your child is able to access the same exceptional instruction that they would receive in our one-to-one programs while they work with one or two other students who have similar learning gaps and needs. Pre Assessments and Post Assessments are included in each program cost.

Session Dates Days Time Total Hours
in Program
Number of
Spots Avail.
Feb. 16 - March 22 M - F 9 am - 12 pm 75 hours 3 $1,700
Feb. 16 - March 19 T - F 1 pm - 3 pm 40 hours 3 $1,000
Apr. 10 - June 19 Sa 8:30 am - 11:30 am 30 hours 3 $800

What are the Advantages of Learning in Small Groups? 

There are numerous benefits to working in a small group including:

  • When students work in a small group, they benefit from having peer models, increased practice opportunities with peers, and receiving peer feedback. 
  • The research suggests that there is a significant benefit to a child's confidence and self-perception when working with peers with similar difficulties in learning.
  • Since one Instructor can work with up to three students in a group, the cost of the Small Group Instruction program is lower than our one-to-one programs. 

Information from Instructors about lesson plans, the pacing of the program, and qualitative observations will be gathered as part of a research study. Outcomes on pre-assessments and post-assessments will have any personally identifiable information removed and then analysis will be conducted to compare individual programs to the small group programs and outcomes will be shared with parents and guardians of participants. 

How Can Your Child Participate?

To participate in this program:

  • your child must be in Grade 3 or 4
  • your child has a diagnosis of a Learning Disability in Reading or Specific Learning Disorder in Reading or Dyslexia.

Submit an application indicating your interest and preference of program type. Successful applicants will be notified and scheduled.

Please note: The timing of these programs is dependent upon Alberta Health restrictions. If restrictions are extended into February these groups will not move online and instead, the start date will move to April 12 or April 13, 2021. If the April timing does not work for your family a refund will be issued. 

Would you Like More Information?

If you have any questions, please contact Paige McDonald for additional information about the small group pilot program.