As parents and guardians of a student at Foothills Academy, you will also be an important member of our Foothills family. The importance of your role in the education of your children cannot be overstated. We work in close collaboration with all families, to ensure the best possible academic and social-emotional outcomes for our students.

You should expect to receive regular communication from teachers when you are a Foothills parent.  Clear, open, and frequent communication with between parents and teachers is essential to support student success. Foothills Academy is a busy place. You can keep up with everything through a weekly e-newsletter.

You will be involved in setting goals with your child and their homeroom teacher, through our Individual Program Plans where you are vital to creating and supporting your child’s goals. You will be expected to attend comprehensive Student-Parent-Teacher interviews twice a year, as well as other impromptu or pre-arranged meetings with staff.  

Beyond this, we encourage all parents and guardians to reach out to us, as we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Family Commitment
You will be joining a community of committed parents looking to support their children and the school. It is the responsibility of every family who joins the Foothills Academy community to work together to support all our students which we call the Family Commitment which consists of three main items.

We join together for a mandatory General Meeting twice a year of all the parents and the administration of the school. In September, in conjunction with the Meet the Teacher night, we lay out our vision and plans for the year ahead. In June, we come together to talk about the accomplishments we have achieved and peek ahead to plans for the coming year.

We require each family to pay for a membership with our Foothills Academy Parents Association (FAPA). The majority of the fees go toward supporting three Grade 12 scholarships for graduating students. Every parent is welcome to attend the monthly FAPA board meetings. They provide a great opportunity to meet other parents of students attending the school and hear updates from the administration. FAPA also plays a very important role in supporting Foothills Academy through fundraising efforts.

The third part of the Family Commitment is the pledge to support Foothills Academy’s fundraising goals. Since 1979, Foothills Academy has not turned a child away due to their financial circumstances. In order to continue this, we require everyone who is part of the Foothills Academy community to support the fundraising efforts of the organization. Depending on your family’s preferences, there are a number of different ways that you can support this financial commitment.

Parent & Community Education
Parenting a child with special learning needs can be an isolating journey but it doesn’t have to be. We offer parent education through our Community Services area to help you learn more about your child’s diagnosis and ways to support them. Our monthly parent and community workshops provide an opportunity to learn more about issues that may affect your child. And, they give you an opportunity to connect with other parents and guardians facing similar challenges. Our online learning and articles written by our staff provide you with an opportunity to learn more at your own pace at a time that is convenient for you.