2021 Raffle

FAPA Car Raffle Rules


RULES FOR “RAFFLE 2020” – Revised 28-April-2020

  1. Raffle tickets may not be sold to persons under 18 years of age.  Raffle tickets sellers must advise adult ticket buyers not to write the name of a person under the age of 18 years on the ticket due to the requirement of the Public Trustee Act. Tickets can only be purchased by residents of Alberta.
  2. Raffle tickets may be purchased through Foothills Academy’s website, which will contain a link to purchase raffle tickets through Stride’s Certified Electronic Raffle System (ERS): https://www.foothillsacademy.org/support-us/car-raffle
  3. All ticket sales will be processed through Stride’s Certified ERS, with transactions processed through SMCCheckout. Purchases will be via credit card or debit; no cash or cheques will be accepted for ticket purchases.
  4. Tickets cannot be purchased by Raffle Committee Representative: Shawn Miner
  5. Draw will take place on November 16th, 2020 at Foothills Academy - 745-37th Street NW, Calgary, Ab.  T2N 4T1
    a. School Main Office Stride Management Head Office 3950 12 Street NE Calgary AB T2E 8H9 at approximately 4:00pm draw using token to conduct the draw  utilizing a RNG draw.
    b.1st Ticket Drawn - 3rd prize: $750 cash
    c. 2nd Ticket Drawn - 2nd prize: $2,500 cash
    d. 3rd Ticket Drawn - 1st prize: 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, Retail Value $53,815.91
    e. All purchased tickets are eligible for non-identical prizes
  6. All winners have one (1) year from date of draw to claim their prize.  FAPA will secure a place for unclaimed prizes for a period of one (1) year from the date of the draw.  If at that time the prize has still not been claimed, the prize or cash equivalent can be either donated to a charitable beneficiary with AGLC approval, or donated back to FAPA with AGLC approval.
  7. Cash will NOT be awarded in lieu of non-cash prizes.
  8. The 2020 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 has been purchased “NEW”.  The odometer reading will reflect reasonable driving of the vehicle to and from various shopping malls and other various locations where it will be displayed.  Warranty commences with purchase of car.
  9. Prizes to be picked up at Foothills Academy, 745-37th Street N.W., Calgary.  Winners will be notified of pick-up instructions following the Raffle Draw Date.  It is the winner’s responsibility to have their own insurance for the vehicle upon pick-up.
  10. No ticket refunds.
  11. Raffle cancellation or Extension.  With AGLC approval, a request to AGLC to cancel or extend the raffle will only be made if less than 8,000 tickets (value $40,000) have been sold by October 20, 2020.
  12. As per AGLC Terms & Conditions, only ONE name may be entered on each ticket by the purchaser.  All ticket sellers are required to advise purchasers to only put one name on each ticket.  In the case where more than one name has been entered on the ticket, FAPA shall award the prize to only one of the individuals identified on the ticket stub.  FAPA, Foothills Academy School, AGLC, nor any representative or agents will be responsible for any disputes which may arise between persons purchasing one ticket.