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New and Upcoming at Foothills
Dec 12, 2019
Parent & Community Workshop - Dec. 12
Assistive Technology in the Classroom What Parents Need to Know at Home
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Dec 1, 2019
Professional Development Online Course
Inside ADHD for Educators Register Until Feb. 1, 2020
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Feb 20, 2020
Come and Visit Us
Sign up for our Open House. You will have a chance to learn more about our school and community services programs with a tour of the facility.
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Jan 28, 2020
Camp Amicus Open House
Do you have questions about Camp Amicus? Come and get your questions answered at our Open House December 5th at 7 pm
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Jan 1, 2020
Professional Development Online Course
Inside LD for Educators registering
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Thank you to an Anonymous Donor at the Calgary Foundation
for supporting our website redesign and online course development
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Donate to help children with Learning Disabilities find success.
Your donation ensures that finances are not a barrier to accessing specialized programs and services.
40% of Foothills Academy students would not be able to attend without bursary assistance.
$1 Million is needed annually to support the Foothills Academy Bursary Program
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My son never felt like he belonged in a school setting before Foothills Academy. Right from the first day the teachers and staff made him feel like he was understood and he has since felt very welcomed and comfortable. — Foothills Academy School Parent