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New and Upcoming at Foothills
Foothills Academy School's response to COVID-19
View the latest updates on COVID-19 protocols for the school from this link
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Online ADHD Course for Families - FREE! until June 30, 2021
The Inside ADHD for Families online course was created to allow parents to access evidence-based, reliable information, strategies and support for their children diagnosed with ADHD
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Typical Sadness or Depression? Supporting Your Child’s Mood Changes and Behaviours
how does a parent of a child with LD/ADHD tell the difference between a child who is just feeling irritable/frustrated and a child who is slipping into depression? What signs or symptoms should parents watch for?
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Jan 1, 2021
Inside LD for Educators Online Course
New session begins May. 1st. Join anytime until July 1st
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Inside LD for Families Online Course
This online course has been designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of Learning Disabilities. Work at your own pace. It's available whenever it is convenient for you.
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Thank you to an Anonymous Donor at the Calgary Foundation
for supporting our website redesign and online course development
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Dec 1, 2020
Inside ADHD for Educators Course Begins April 1
Register until June 1
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Donate to help children with Learning Disabilities find success.
Your donation ensures that finances are not a barrier to accessing specialized programs and services.
40% of Foothills Academy students would not be able to attend without bursary assistance.
$1 Million is needed annually to support the Foothills Academy Bursary Program
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My son never felt like he belonged in a school setting before Foothills Academy. Right from the first day the teachers and staff made him feel like he was understood and he has since felt very welcomed and comfortable. — Foothills Academy School Parent