School Admissions

School Admission Criteria

In order to be considered for the school program, a child must meet the following criteria:

  1. The child must have a primary diagnosis of a Learning Disability (stated in a psycho-educational assessment completed in the past 2 years).
  2. The child must have average to above-average intelligence.
  3. We are unable to accept students with severe social/emotional/behavioural needs or those requiring 1:1 classroom support in order to be successful.

What if my child has a diagnosis of ADHD?
We absolutely accept students with ADHD (and other diagnoses), however, there also needs to be a diagnosis of a Learning Disability or Specific Learning Disorder. Our funding from Alberta Education requires that every student who attends our school program has a diagnosis through a psycho-educational assessment that states that they have a "Learning Disability" or “Specific Learning Disorder”. We are leaders in the field of both Learning Disabilities and ADHD.

Please Note: the intake criteria for our Community Services programs is broader than the school program. While the students at the school must have a Learning Disability diagnosis, participants in our Amicus and Psycho-educational group programs can participate if they have a diagnosis of a Learning Disability and/or ADHD. Read/Write, Assessment, Counselling and Parent & Community Workshops do not require a diagnosis. Check out our Community Services programs to see if they may be applicable to you and your family.

We are so very grateful for the teaching team at Foothills. Thank you for continuing to support and motivate those special individuals who struggle to fit into the typical student mould. — Alumni Parent