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Winter program registration will begin November 15th

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Our Read/Write department offers individualized, one-to-one literacy instruction for struggling learners of any age.

 Children who are diagnosed with a Learning Disability in reading or writing (or suspected of a Learning Disability) benefit from direct and intensive instruction. Read/Write Programs offer evidence-based instruction customized to each student's needs. Programs range in intensity from 60 minutes per day to 3 hours per day. The vast majority of our programs are offered in a one-to-one setting. Small groups may be requested. Group availability depends on applicants of the same age and literacy needs as your child and so do not always run. (NOTE: Due to COVID-19, we are not currently scheduling any group programs. until further notice).

Intake Criteria


Students in Kindergarten and higher
Coming soon! We plan to announce a new early reading intervention program for 4 - 6 year olds. Check our website and social media for an announcement of this new program.


K - Gr. 3: No diagnosis required but suspicion of a  skills gap, recommendation from a teacher or doctor, or noticeable difficulty with reading, writing or math.
Gr. 4 and Up: Strong preference for a psycho-educational assessment with a diagnosis of an LD, Specific Learning Disorder, or ADHD; if no psycho-educational assessment has been completed, teacher recommendation, report cards, or interview are required. 
Please Note: Our Instructors are very skilled but our programs are not designed to manage behavioural concerns.

We strongly recommend that students participate in an intensive program before moving to weekly programs. Our weekly programs are designed to support and reinforce learning. Students experience growth in our weekly programs but it is helpful if they have worked in an intensive environment so that instruction can build on learning. 

Literacy Programs 

Our literacy program has offered Structured Literacy for many years through the Lindamood Bell methods. Published research has confirmed the benefits of Foothills Academy’s Read/Write & Math program. “Significant improvements were found in the areas of nonword decoding, phonological awareness, and spelling following the reading remediation program” (Dick, Kaplan, & Crawford, 2006, p.106). More recently we have also added Wilson Reading methods to our Instructors’ repertoires. Our instructors have also trained in the Voyager Sopris: Step up to Writing program to support more focused instruction in writing.


5 weeks
(3 hrs each weekday)
75 no $4,900
= $4,500 + $400
(pre & post assessment)
40-Hour Intensive 5 weeks
(2 hrs Mon. - Thurs.)
40 $2,800
= $2,400 + $400
(pre & post assessment)
12 lessons
(M, T, W, Th or F)
12 $720
13 lessons
26 $1,560

Please note: In addition to one-to-one programs, we now offer a Small Group option for the literacy programs. Small groups include up to three students. If this is of interest, please indicate interest on the application form. Not everyone who applies to a group is accepted into a group. Admission requires other learners at the same age and with comparable or complementary learning needs indicating an interest at the same time. We will work with you to find the best solution if there is not a small group running that works for your student.

My son went into the Read/Write program feeling frustrated with reading and therefore struggled with learning. His confidence was deflated and he was starting to give up on himself. Now he has a hard time putting a book down. He’s read over 2 novels in the past month!!! — Read/Write Parent