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Read/Write Literacy Programs

The Read/Write Programs provide one-to-one literacy instruction for struggling learners

Fall registration is now open!

Did you know? 
Children diagnosed with a Learning Disability in reading or writing (or suspected of a Learning Disability) benefit from direct and intensive instruction; that's why Read/Write Programs offer evidence-based instruction customized to each student's needs. Programs range in intensity from 60 minutes to 3 hours per day. Learn more about our current programs here.

Intake Criteria


  • 4 - 6 Years: No diagnosis required for Early Literacy Program
  • K - Gr. 3: No diagnosis required but suspicion of a  skills gap, recommendation from a teacher or doctor, or noticeable difficulty with reading, writing or math.
  • Gr. 4 and Up: Strong preference for a psycho-educational assessment with a diagnosis of an LD, Specific Learning Disorder, or ADHD;
    If no psycho-educational assessment has been completed, report cards or an interview is required. 

Please Note: Our Instructors are very skilled, but our programs are not designed to manage behavioural concerns. We strongly recommend that students participate in an intensive program before moving to weekly programs. Our weekly programs are designed to support and reinforce learning. Students experience growth in our weekly programs, but it is helpful if they have worked in an intensive environment so that instruction can build on learning.


My son went into the Read/Write program feeling frustrated with reading and therefore struggled with learning. His confidence was deflated and he was starting to give up on himself. Now he has a hard time putting a book down. He’s read over 2 novels in the past month!!! — Read/Write Parent