About Foothills

Mission & Philosophy

Find Understanding. Build Confidence. Maximize Potential.

The work of Foothills Academy Society is guided by our mission statement and our philosophy.

Our Mission

The mission of Foothills Academy is to facilitate learning in persons, primarily youth and children, identified as having a Learning Disability by providing quality educational programs and a supportive environment for families and staff.  We recognize that we are interdependent with our global community – by participating in research, public education, in-service and advocacy, through community service.

Foothills Academy Philosophy

Foothills Academy was built around the belief that all students with Learning Disabilities have exceptional potential, and that with the right supports and guidance, they can achieve great success in school, post-secondary, and the workplace. We understand the difficulties and challenges facing students and their families, be it academic, social, emotional/behavioural, or financial. Foothills Academy's community builds upon these foundations with the individuals and families we work with.  Much of our success is found in our agency-wide philosophical belief in, and understanding of, Self-Determination Theory, which has three core values.

Find Understanding

Build Confidence

Maximize Potential

We do this by:

  • Building strong RELATIONSHIPS with students and clients to really understand each individual's strengths and interests (finding understanding)  
  • Ensuring that students and clients feel a sense of COMPETENCE, to develop their confidence and self-belief that they can be the incredible people who they know they really are (build confidence)  
  • Providing a sense of AUTONOMY, so that students and clients feel connected to their learning, and have a voice; which allows them the freedom to thrive and maximize their potential (maximize potential)