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Executive Directors' Message

Welcome to the 2022-2023 academic year at Foothills Academy.  

We are truly excited about the up-and-coming school year. There is a refreshing sense of normality in the air, and opportunities abound to create lasting and meaningful impacts upon all the children and families who we serve.  

We have been serving the Learning Disabilities community for 43 years, and the exceptional community of students, staff, parents, guardians, families and supporters at Foothills Academy make all the difference. Thank you to every single one of you, without whom, Foothills Academy would not be what it is. It takes all stakeholders to create a culture where collaboration and support allow us to provide ongoing opportunities for young people with Learning Disabilities, and their families to grow, thrive and flourish.

We have been building momentum and continuing to grow and strengthen all areas of Foothills Academy Society. And, this year’s theme, in line with our focus on Self Determination Theory - “Embracing Our Potential”.

We are excited about new ventures in the upcoming year, such as a new full-time Literacy & Numeracy Lead role in the School, who will collaborate with staff and the agency’s Best Practices committee. In Community Services, there is a lot happening as always, including research collaborations with the University of Calgary in both the Read/Write department (for an Early Literacy pilot program), and the Professional Development & Community Education department (creating an interactive resource for high school students with LD/ADHD transitioning to post-secondary).  

We continue to play an important role in external organizations in the LD field at the provincial and national levels - keeping our influence and scope wide-ranging. As well, our leadership of the Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network in the Calgary region, which means that sectors such as public health; public education; social services; post-secondary research; and Designated Special Education Private Schools (DSEPS) like Foothills Academy collaborate together and work with synergy to create meaningful change in the community. 

With the collective support, engagement, and collaboration from all stakeholders, Foothills Academy will continue to be a Canadian leader in supporting the academic and social-emotional needs of young people with Learning Disabilities.   

Welcome to the 2022 school year; we are excited to be embracing our potential with all of you!


Mr. Simon Williams & Dr. Karen MacMillan

Executive Co-Directors

Mr. Simon Williams, MSEd Dr. Karen MacMillan, R. Psych
Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta (LDAA), Board of Directors (Past President) Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada (CADDAC), Board of Directors
Alberta Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta (AISCA), Board of Directors (President) Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC), Professional Advisory Committee
Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC), Board of Directors Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary


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The Learning Disabilities & ADHD Network is a collaborative initiative of a broad group of organizations, which is operated through Foothills Academy