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S.T.A.R. Program

S.T.A.R. Program - Supporting Transitions to Adult Responsibilities

Registration is open.


  • Monday - Friday


  • Monday - Friday

Welcome to the S.T.A.R. Program! 

The goal of the S.T.A.R. Program is for young adults aged 18- 23 in the ADHD/ Learning Disability community to develop the skills and confidence needed to gain independence. Adulthood can be an intimidating prospect, but S.T.A.R. is here to help explain these responsibilities and provide tools to help you prepare!

Through a variety of engaging activities, presentations, guest speakers and real-world volunteering experiences, we will examine the realities of adulthood and prepare for them.

Topics covered include:

  • Renting your first home
  • Workplace skills and fundamentals
  • Post-secondary information and other schooling paths
  • Resume workshops and mock- interviews
  • Budgeting and finance tips
  • Navigating adult relationships
  • Time management
  • The importance of email and email etiquette 
  • Gaining relevant certifications (WHIMIS, Pro Serve, etc)

and more!

The application process:

  • Click the registration link 
  • Fill out the S.T.A.R. Program Intake Form and submit it
  • Our team will review the S.T.A.R. Program Intake Form and contact you with the status of your application and next steps. 

* We may organize an informal interview with the participants to get to know them, review their expectations of the S.T.A.R. Program, ensure this program is a good fit for their goals, and answer any questions they may have. 

* Schedules are subject to change depending on the availability of our volunteering partners and the interests/ needs of the group