Parent & Community Workshops

Beyond the Diagnosis

Customized Help and Support for Math Students with Neurodiverse profiles


  • Webinar hosted online.

"Math is hard."
"I just don't get it."
"I am not a math person."
"Math does not matter."

Sound familiar?

Chris Woodin, architect of Woodin Math, math specialist for Landmark School, and author of Number Sense by Nessy is here to help. Chris knows that kids are about more than their diagnoses and he breaks down how to help a student struggling with math.

From diagnosis to intervention, Chris talks about the importance of including:

  1. What is numeracy?
  2. How does the brain develop numeracy skills?
  3. Connecting numbers to word problems
  4. Why does math matter, and how do we help students see it
  5. How can we help?

Join us for an hour packed full of information about making math matter to everyone.
You will also get a chance to ask Chris your burning questions and get more information about resources that can help!