Online Courses

Target ADHD

Deep-dive into everything educators need to know to support their students with ADHD

Our online course allows you to work on your own schedule

This 8-hour condensed and targeted version of our 30-hour Inside ADHD course is focused on the key aspects of setting students with ADHD up for success at school and beyond.

Topics include:

  • ADHD diagnosis and myths
  • The ADHD brain
  • ADHD as a disorder of executive function and self-regulation
  • The impact of ADHD on social, emotional, and behavioral functioning and how to support students in these areas
  • The impact of ADHD on academics and planning for school
  • The treatment and strategies to maximize student growth and success

Recommended Participants: Teachers, administrators, educational assistants, psychologists, and counsellors who work with students.

Fees: $175 per person

Course Progression: 8 hours of self-led professional learning. No due dates or live classes. Rolling enrollment and no course closure date.