Have you ever wondered how you can support your child's literacy skills at home beyond reading to them?

Consider our new Parent Training Program! You get to meet with one of our expert instructors for 1.5 hours to learn the language and basic exercises to support your child's reading and spelling skills at home. You also get a small kit of materials that mirror what we use in our Read/Write Intervention program. Finally, you get a half-hour follow-up to answer any questions you might have. This is not intended to replace intervention but to continue your child's learning at home

Program Details:
Cost: $150
Location: In person at Foothills Academy Society
Duration: 1.5 hours of instruction and follow up question session for 1/2 hours
What's Included: A small kit of materials to take home to support what was taught

For information & intake inquiries, please email Jana Stevenson.

"We are really thrilled with the Read Write program and seeing our son's increased motivation and pride in his ability to read! The parent session was helpful for us to learn common terms like 'digraphs' and prompts like "tapping". Now we can assist his reading in natural environments like community road signs, cooking recipes or cute memes on social media. He recently even requested to play Scrabble, (the word game) including using a dictionary. After the parent session, we have more confidence to assist him, knowing our coaching is the same as he learned in the Read Write program. Read Write student and parent sessions have taken the stress out of reading and shown how fun reading can be for the whole family." — Parent Training Program participant