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If you are a student at Foothills Academy, this section is for you. 

Our role, as a school, is to ensure that we support you to become the incredible individual who we know you are (and who deep down, you know you are too). You would not be at Foothills Academy if we were not certain that you have the potential to achieve great things. Your school program should be able to challenge you to fulfill your potential.

The enormous community that makes up Foothills Academy should be looked at as your second family, the Foothills Family; and like it or not, you’re a part of this. This really is your school, so make the most of your time here. Whether you are in grade 3 or grade 12, this year could make all the difference for you.

Keep on top of your academics with links to homework pages and your marks.

Curious what Elective classes are available? Check out all the options that are offered at Foothills Academy.

School about more than academics though. Find out how to get involved with your school through the Extracurricular activities and clubs page.

Curious about what's coming up? Look at the School Calendar.

Are you a high school student? You should explore the Guidance & Graduation section.

You can see which books and resources are available through the school library with this online catalogue.

Are you wondering what types of awards and recognition are given out to students at Foothills Academy? You can find that information here.

You can look up the school’s policies at any time and download a copy of the Family Handbook.

Do you have a question about something but don’t know who to contact? Check out the Who to Contact page.