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Awards & Recognition

Awards recognize more than academic achievement. They recognize all the qualities that we are developing in our student's journey toward Self-Determination.

While each staff member identifies student successes within their homeroom and subject classes each day, Foothills Academy also hosts opportunities to recognize student achievement weekly and monthly among the School Teams. Below are examples of the ways the school recognizes non-academic based achievements throughout the school year.

Team One: Echo Awards

Echo Awards occur once a month for students in grades 3 to six. Each month, student’s homeroom teacher will give out specific awards to students highlighting individual actions that best exemplify the five categories listed below. Not everyone will receive an award each month, but for every ceremony, different students will be chosen. The purpose of the ceremony is to celebrate individual strengths, and how wonderful our Foothills students are! The awards are as follows:

Friendship Award- for being a caring and kind friend to everyone.
Extraordinary Effort Award- for consistently trying his/or her best.
Participation Award- for raising his/her hand and always willing to share his/her thoughts.
Gratitude Award- for having a positive attitude and being appreciative.
Resilience Award- for never giving up even when something is hard.

Team Two

Student of the Week and Student of the Month
Each week Staff working with students in grades seven and eight nominate youth in specific homerooms for Student of the Week. Staff determine students who best exemplify the following attributes, either through leading from example or overcoming difficulties to reach an achievement in an area within the criteria below:

  • Initiative
  • Organization
  • Self-Regulation
  • Caring for self and others
  • Problem solving

One student is recognized from each of the homerooms highlighted for the week. At the end of the month, a draw is made from the month’s student of the week recipients. The winner receives a prize and recognition from the staff and their peers.

Team Three

Above and Beyond

Each month, teachers working with students in grades nine through twelve nominate a young adult youth who has gone “above and beyond” in exhibiting actions that best exemplify one of the areas that our population can develop to see success as they transition to their post-secondary pursuits. Each nomination is recognized once a month and the student receiving the most nominations is identified as our student of the month for their grade. The categories considered are listed below:

Perseverance Diligent Engaged
Motivated Independent Resourceful
Flexible Creative Respectful
Resilient Courteous  

FAPA Awards

The Foothills Academy Parents Association (FAPA) gives out three awards  ($500 each) each year to graduating grade 12 students. Awards categories are:

  • Perseverance
  • Leadership
  • Achievement

To apply, a graduating student should submit a project that reflects their personal journey (academic, social, self-development and awareness) that enabled their success at Foothills Academy.

A project may take any of the following forms:

  • Essay
  • Video
  • Photography portfolio
  • Art portfolio
  • Novelette (fiction, non-fiction, etc.)
  • Play
  • Or other unique presentation (to be approved by Team 4 teachers prior to submission)

FAPA Awards are given out at the graduation ceremony.

End of Year School Awards Ceremony

For students in grades seven to twelve, Foothills Academy hosts an afternoon award ceremony recognizing academic achievement, perseverance, citizenship, fine arts and participation in sports. This event is celebrated at the end of every school year.