My Foothills

School Policies

Topic Policy
Personal electronic devices Students can use their devices before school and after school hours.
School provided electronic devices
  • Every student is provided with an assigned electronic device to use in class.
  • Students are not to use their devices while eating lunch.
  • All school provided devices (across all grades) are to be returned in good working order at the end of the school year.
  • Students are to use their Google Workspace for Education log-in related purposes only.
Food/Drink Students can eat and drink in classrooms during breaks and at lunch.  High energy drinks are not permitted.
Snack break Healthy snack for 5 minutes at a time determined at the discretion of the teacher.  Monday through Friday at the discretion of the teacher. Certain classrooms do not lend themselves to a snack break (science labs, library, etc…).
Student parking Students to park in the west parking lot and enter the school through senior school doors.
Skateboards, hoverboards and rollerblades Not to be used on school grounds (safety issues) but can be stored in their lockers or with homeroom staff.  Skateboards and rollerblades must be in bags if taken on school buses.
Mobile phones May be used by students before school, lunchtime and after school hours for personal use. Can be used during class for educational purposes only, at the discretion of the teacher. Team 1 students do not have mobile phone access.
Student Entrance Senior students are asked to enter the building using the entrance at the glass enclosed doors (senior school doors) and then take the stairs up to high-school; students are not to go through Community Services. Team Two students access is located at the front entrance of the school. Team One students use the Team One doors at the east side of the building.
Physical Education Students in grades seven to twelve are expected to wear supportive running/gym shoes, and either shorts, yoga pants or track pants and a white t-shirt. Students can also purchase the 'Foothills' branded gym strip: black shorts and a black or maroon t-shirt, available from the Foothills Academy store, open periodically throughout the school year and communicated to families through our weekly E-News. No devices are allowed in Phys. Ed unless students are excused from physical activity and the device is for school use.
Plagiarism*/Cheating Students who are found to have cheated on or plagiarized* an assignment will be given a mark of 0 for that assignment; they will be required to complete another assignment.  Cheating in an exam will result in a 0, and possible failure of the course. Parents will be notified by phone. If the instance occurs a second time a meeting with the students and parents will follow.
*The practice of taking someone else's written, spoken, videoed, or art work and passing it off as your own.
Smoking/Vaping Smoking or vaping is banned on school property and surrounding area. Families will be notified if it occurs and further action if deemed necessary.
Dress Code
  • Clothing must be appropriate for this school setting
  • No messaging/brand/logo that promotes discrimination, hatred or violence; or profanity and obscene gestures; or the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Underwear must be covered
  • Hats may be worn on Fridays
Timeliness to Class When transitioning to the next class between bells, you must be at the next class and ready to work promptly.  This provides time for washroom breaks and collecting any necessary books, notes or equipment from your locker. School students are not to go into Community Services.
Attendance at Homeroom Homeroom is an essential part of the school day.  You must be in homeroom at 8:40 am. The first-morning warning bell at 8:35 am is your cue to go to homeroom immediately.  Your attendance is recorded in homeroom, so it is essential that you are there. Homeroom should also be used to prepare and organize yourself for the school day, and for teachers to use strategies to support you in the school day.  

It is equally important for you to promptly attend homeroom at the end of the day at 3:20 pm.
Wifi Access Wifi access is restricted to school devices.  Unauthorized access to the school wifi will result in a loss of technology privileges.