Students may be suspended/expelled from a class, school, or riding on a school bus as a result of inappropriate behaviour.  

A student may be expelled from Foothills Academy School.  This will occur only in cases where the attendance of such a student is considered to be a major threat to the physical or emotional security of others or a major breach of the policies and expectations of the school.  In such cases, the parents/guardians will be notified by telephone and official letter, as will the Executive Director(s). The Executive Director(s) will officially inform the Board of Governors of Foothills Academy Society of the expulsion of an individual child.

Suspension refers to a temporary cessation or a temporary deprivation of the right to attend class or school, to travel on a school bus, attend extracurricular functions or school-related events or on a bus chartered by the school.  Expulsion means a permanent discharge of a student from attending the school and all school-related activities and privileges.

We are proud of the general conduct demonstrated by the vast majority of our students and for the small minority of students who have difficulty in this regard, we believe positive change will result from:

  • continuing communication and co-operation between home and school and/or
  • application of the disciplinary measures noted above.


  • Teachers are expected to deal with any concerns in the classroom on a day-to-day basis.
  • Teachers, as well as administrators, will act on suspensions in a timely manner.
  • In cases where the safety of students or staff is in question then emergency procedures will be instated and the staff notified accordingly
  • If school deems that circumstances warrant it, Calgary police services or other community services will be notified.
  • The teachers and school administration shall determine what constitutes behaviour requiring suspension or expulsion:
    • Open opposition to authority,
    • Willful disobedience,
    • Habitual neglect of duty,
    • The use of improper or profane language,
    • Behaviour seriously in breach of school expectations, including possession or use of weapons, alcohol, drugs or similar harmful article. The possession or use of drugs is an expellable offense.


  • The Program Coordinator shall make decisions to suspend a student.
  • Parents will be notified and required to pick up the student from school or the school will notify parents of the suspension and the student will not be allowed to return.
  • Teachers will be immediately notified of the suspension or of any circumstances that would warrant their vigilance concerning student behaviour.
  • The terms of the suspension shall be given to the parent/guardian, verbally then followed in writing.
  • A parent and school administration will meet regarding the suspension at either’s request.
  • The school administration may reinstate a student within five (5) school days of the date of the suspension.
  • Following a suspension, students may be placed upon probation.  The length of the probation shall be determined by the school administration in consultation with teacher(s) and parent/guardian.  Probation will affect both school and attendance at extracurricular activities.
  • As deemed necessary a student’s continued attendance may be contingent upon psychological counselling, or a behavioural contract or any other contingency felt necessary for the students involved to successfully make restitution or change their behaviour.


  • School administration may recommend expulsion of a student to the Executive Director when such an action is warranted.
  • School administration must notify the Executive Director(s), in writing, of the student expulsion.
  • School administration shall notify parents in writing about the reasons for the expulsion.
  • A parent and student may appeal an expulsion, in writing, to the Executive Director(s) within ten (10) school days of notification of the expulsion.
  • The parents will be notified, in writing, of the decision on the expulsion within ten (10) school days of the hearing by the Executive Director(s).
  • Any appeal conducted by the Executive Director(s) shall be based on fairness for all parties involved.
  • A final appeal can be made to the Board of Governors, where the family and the Executive Director will present the situation.  The decision made by the Board of Governors is final, and Foothills Academy recognizes the requirement to continue programming off-site after September 30th, for any student for the remainder of the school year, should another suitable school placement not be found.