School Policies

Parking and Traffic Policy

Student Parking

Students are to park in the back parking lot on the west side of the school and walk around to enter the school through the Senior School doors (west doors).


Traffic Safety Procedures

The front (south) parking lot is congested before and after school. Students are arriving/ departing by bus, senior students are driving to and from the parking lot on the north side of the school and parents are dropping off or picking up students before and after school and Community Services/Read/Write. All of this traffic presents a real safety concern, so it is essential that the school implement some procedures to make the area as safe as possible for all.



  1. School buses park on the north side of the lot adjacent to the playground and the front sidewalk so that students will enter and exit the buses directly onto the playground.
    • Foothills issues a memo explaining this practice to the bus drivers and the carrier each year. And the administration reiterates the policy to the bus drivers at the drivers’ meeting.
    • Teachers on supervision and the bus “foreman” will monitor compliance to this policy. To assist supervisors, any student driving a vehicle to school is required to complete a form (one time only) advising the school of the following information: vehicle make, colour, year and license plate number.
  2. The speed limit in the parking lot is 15 kph. Those who do not comply will be suspended from the lot. Repeat offenders will lose the privilege of parking in the school parking lot.
  3. The area immediately in front of the main doors is designated as a pedestrian crosswalk and shall be kept clear for children and adults to walk across to the far side of the lot.
  4. All teachers will review safe practices with their students including:
  • No running in the parking lot.
  • Looking both ways before crossing the parking lot.
  • No running out from between parked vehicles, especially the buses.
  • Using the designated crosswalk.
  • Outlining the conditions that permit the use of the field across the parking lot.

Team 4 teachers will review the rules for safe driving in the parking lot, including the speed limit of 15 kph and the direction of traffic flow