Senior School students are given merit at the start of every year. By doing this the school recognizes that every one of our population is capable of being and maintaining a status as an upstanding member of Foothills Academy. A Merit Student is entitled to extra privileges from the school program. By holding Merit they are eligible for off-campus privileges throughout the year.

Merit status is maintained by adhering to the following criteria:

  1. Being a good school citizen.
    • No behavioural problems.
    • Respects others (students and staff).
    • Respects school property/the property of others.
  2. Taking personal responsibility.
    • Completes homework and keeps up with studies.
  3. Demonstrating positive leadership to other students.
    • Shows fairness, responsibility, respect for others and school property.

If a student encounters an incident that jeopardizes any of the criteria above, the student's homeroom teacher and member of the administration has the option of placing the student on a two-week probation. If another incident occurs within those two weeks, The student’s homeroom teacher and administrator will remove the student’s Merit privileges, contacting parents to inform them of the change.


To reacquire Merit, a student will need to pass the two week probation period without serious incident. These referrals from teachers and/or educational assistants will validate outstanding behaviour reflective of the criteria for merit. The administration will give final approval for Merit and parents will be contacted to inform them of the change in status.



Off-Campus Privileges:

A Merit Student may leave the school grounds during lunch time, by following these procedures:

  • Students who are under 18 years of age require written consent from a parent/ guardian in order to leave the school grounds. A form is available to students at the beginning of the school year for this purpose. Signed forms will be kept on file.
  • Students who wish to leave the school grounds at lunch will do so at 12:10 p.m.

Prior to leaving the building at 12:10 p.m., students will check in with their homeroom teacher, stating where they will be going during the lunch period. It is the expectation that students who are off grounds will return by the time classes begin in the afternoon. Any student who fails to follow the above procedures will receive a warning and parents will be contacted. If there’s a second infraction, the student may lose the privilege of leaving the grounds.

Off-Campus Privileges during Exams:

Merit Students may leave the school grounds once they have completed a midterm or final exam. The above procedure will be in effect. Students must be back for their review, and sign in with their homeroom teachers when they return.


In-School Privileges:

Merit Students will have the option of being in the school unsupervised – before school, during lunch hour and after school. Merit Students may use the phone in the upstairs hallway before and after school and during lunch hour.