School Policies

Communication with Parents

When They Are in Separate Homes



To avoid misunderstanding, we would like to clarify the school’s policy regarding communication between home and school in the case of parents who are divorced or separated.


In cases where the parents of a student at Foothills Academy are divorced or separated, the staff will adhere to the following procedure:

  1. School administration and staff will follow any court ordered procedure, or in the absence of a court ordered procedure, any written legal agreement between the parents for communication with either/both of the child’s parents. In the case of parental disagreement or uncertainty, the school administration will follow any court ordered procedure.
  2. In the absence of court ordered documentation, and in the case where the parents are in disagreement, it is up to the parents to resolve the differences outside of the school and to communicate their joint position to the school in a written agreement.
  3. In the case of continued parental disagreement as to disclosure, the school will consider the welfare of the child and school policy and procedures to guide its decisions.
  4. School policy and procedures state that:
  • Either parent may provide the necessary court ordered procedure, to be placed in the child’s cumulative file.
  • School staff is not responsible for communicating or divulging to either parent the other parent’s requests or communication, unless otherwise stipulated in legal agreements or court orders.
  • Parents who wish to discuss procedures for communication or updated documentation should contact school administration.
  • Any contentious correspondence or communication directed to any staff will be forwarded to school administration for review.