School Policies

Lunch, Recess and After-School Expectations

  1. Following dismissal from fourth period class, students go directly to homeroom. Lunch is eaten in homeroom classes unless otherwise directed. Dismissal from homeroom is at 12:25 pm.
  2. If a student is not in the homeroom at lunchtime, the teacher and assistant must be notified.
  3. Any student leaving the school premises at lunch must have permission and must sign out at the front desk.
  4. The parking area is out of bounds.
  5. Students must place all garbage in waste receptacles.
  6. All students must ensure to have clean shoes when entering the school.
  7. All students are expected to treat each other, and staff, with respect at all times.
  8. Any student staying after school must be supervised by a teacher or staff member. Any student waiting for a ride must wait in the main foyer only. Students are not to be in any room without supervision after school.