The founders of Foothills Academy strongly believed in not turning families away due to financial need. Over the past four decades, this commitment has required a strong commitment and partnership between Foothills Academy staff, the families we work with, and numerous supporters in the Calgary community. Currently, we need to raise almost one million dollars each year to maintain this commitment.

Applications for financial assistance are confidential and unrelated to your acceptance into the school. Financial assistance applications and your financial circumstances are not shared with the intake committee or school staff.

Given that we are asking all of our stakeholders (our staff, our families, community members) to make significant fundraising efforts, we need to be judicious custodians of the funds raised.

We consider that a fee reduction is needed when families truly cannot afford for their child to attend Foothills Academy school without some degree of financial hardship for the family. A decision to have your child attend a private school may require a re-evaluation of lifestyle choices. For some families, this may mean making significant sacrifices (such as decreasing household costs, keeping older vehicles and/or changing vacations plans) prior to considering applying for financial assistance.

Bursary amounts are allocated on a sliding scale based on the combined gross family income.

Numerous variables are taken into consideration when we make financial assistance decisions including the number of people in your family, recent unemployment, your family’s ongoing commitment to our fundraising efforts and more. 

Foothills Academy relies upon the support of all family members for the success of every child. Parents or guardians living in different households and/or step-parents are expected to contribute to the student's tuition (as per any court documents related to custody). Whether parents or guardians are together, separated, blended families or step-parents, we require your commitment to your child, our student, academically, socially, emotionally and financially.