We invite you to explore our school through our website, through the videos and resources below and through our Virtual Open Houses.  

Open House

Please visit our Open House page for information about upcoming Open Houses.


We invite you to watch the following two videos that will give you a good feel for Foothills Academy and our philosophy.

Introduction to Foothills Academy Society


Introduction to Foothills Academy School Program

Alumni Parent Perspective

Foothills Academy - School Parent Video - 2022 from Our Kids Net on Vimeo.

Alumni Perspective


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What specialized training do our teachers have? A: All our teachers have university degrees and are qualified to teach in Alberta. Upon joining us, they are required to complete a 10-week course on learning disabilities. All our teachers are hired based on their passion for working with students with learning disabilities and individual needs.
Q: What sports and clubs do we run? A: You can learn about the sports and clubs we currently run HERE.
Q: What are our graduation and post-secondary rates? A: We are proud of our students’ nearly 100% graduation rate. Around two-thirds of our Grade 12 students go straight into post-secondary education following graduation, and many more do so after a gap year or two.
Q: How long will I have to wait for a space for my child?  A: Wait times vary by grade. For specific questions about your child’s application, Applicant Queue or Waitlist placement, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at admissions@foothillsacademy.org
Q: How many students do we have enrolled in our school program? A: We have approximately 295 students from Grades 3-12 enrolled in our school program each year.
Q: How many students and classes do we have for each grade? A: We have a maximum of 12 students in each of our Grade 3 and 4 classes, 13 students in each of our Grade 5 and 6 classes, and 14 students in each of our Grade 7-12 classes. 

We have one Grade 3 class, one Grade 4 class, two Grade 5 classes and two Grade 6 classes. Depending on the year, we have either two or three classes in each Grade from 7-12.
Q: What is our male-to-female ratio of students? A: Just over one-third of our current student population is female. Each grade and class is a little different, depending on the intake for that year.

Foothills Academy on the Our Kids Website

You can find out a lot of information about Foothills Academy including through our profile on the Our Kids website. We encourage you to explore all the information that is there.