We invite you to explore our school through our website, through the videos and resources below and through our Virtual Open Houses.  

Open House

If you would like to see a recording of our most recent Virtual Open House presentation, please email Melissa Byrnes.


We invite you to watch the following two videos that will give you a good feel for Foothills Academy and our philosophy.

Introduction to Foothills Academy Society


Introduction to Foothills Academy School Program

Alumni Parent Perspective

Foothills Academy - School Parent Video - 2022 from Our Kids Net on Vimeo.

Alumni Perspective


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What specialized training do our teachers have? A: All our teachers have university degrees and are qualified to teach in Alberta. Upon joining us, they are required to complete a 10-week course on learning disabilities. All our teachers are hired based on their passion for working with students with learning disabilities and individual needs.
Q: What sports and clubs do we run? A: You can learn about the sports and clubs we currently run HERE.
Q: What are our graduation and post-secondary rates? A: We are proud of our students’ nearly 100% graduation rate. Around two-thirds of our Grade 12 students go straight into post-secondary education following graduation, and many more do so after a gap year or two.
Q: How long will I have to wait for a space for my child?  A: Wait times vary by grade. For specific questions about your child’s application, Applicant Queue or Waitlist placement, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at admissions@foothillsacademy.org
Q: How many students do we have enrolled in our school program? A: We have approximately 295 students from Grades 3-12 enrolled in our school program each year.
Q: How many students and classes do we have for each grade? A: We have a maximum of 12 students in each of our Grade 3 and 4 classes, 13 students in each of our Grade 5 and 6 classes, and 14 students in each of our Grade 7-12 classes. 

We have one Grade 3 class, one Grade 4 class, two Grade 5 classes and two Grade 6 classes. Depending on the year, we have either two or three classes in each Grade from 7-12.
Q: What is our male-to-female ratio of students? A: Just over one-third of our current student population is female. Each grade and class is a little different, depending on the intake for that year.

Foothills Academy on the Our Kids Website

You can find out a lot of information about Foothills Academy including through our profile on the Our Kids website. We encourage you to explore all the information that is there.