Our bright and spacious building serves as a warm and caring environment conducive to learning and engagement.  Expanded in 2012, the building houses Foothills Academy’s school program and the Estelle Siebens Community Services.  


With just under 300 students from grades 3 to 12, all classrooms are well lit and equipped with the resources to support our student population. The arrangement of classrooms is determined by staff in relation to the needs of their students. There is a variety of equipment and supports to help students focus, regulate, and engage, to be at their best for learning.  Additional breakout rooms for more individualized instruction are accessible in every classroom and standard technologies in each classroom include Smartboards, laptops, iPads and Chromebooks (to name but a few).

Additional Learning Spaces

We have a fully designated Art room, a student study area, high-school science laboratories, and a lecture theatre. Additionally, we have a library and learning commons, a full gymnasium, along with a comprehensively equipped auxiliary gym and a wellness centre.

Community Services

Community Services has numerous multipurpose offices which can be used by our counselling team within the school program to provide mental health supports to student lessons.


We provide bus transportation to Foothills Academy from across the city (within the City of Calgary limits) and Cochrane. Our students are spread out throughout the city. The exact time spent on the bus will vary from year to year depending on the distribution of other students. For some families in the outer areas of the city, bus rides can be up to 1.5 hours long.

We try to make pick up and drop off points as convenient and efficient for everyone. Some students may need to walk a few blocks or have a community pick up point.