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Amicus and Psychology Group Intake Process

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We conduct an intake process for all of our psychologist supervised child & youth groups and Amicus programs. The intent of the intake process is to determine whether there is a good fit between the needs of the child and what our program can provide for them. Please note: the intake process can sometimes take one to two weeks. It is ideal to begin the process well before the program start date to ensure there is time to complete the process and ensure availability in the program.


Intake Criteria for all Programs:

  1. The child must have a diagnosed or suspected Learning Disability and/or ADHD (average to above average intelligence) as the primary diagnosis.
  2. The child does not currently have significant behaviour and/or emotional regulation problems.
  3. The child must be able to participate within small and large group situations that does not require significant 1:1 support. All Psychologist-led groups and Amicus have qualified, trained staff and provide a 3:1 child to adult ratio.

Intake Process:

1. Please submit the following documents:

a. Parent Intake Form 

b. a copy of your child’s most recent psycho-educational assessment (if you have one)

c. a copy of your child’s IPP (if you have one)

d. current teacher’s contact information

Submit the documents directly to the Community Services Program Intake Assistant (contact details are on the Intake Questionnaire)


a. If you are applying to one of our Psychologist Supervised programs (Let’s Be Social, Survive & Thrive in Jr. High or Girls Only!): once we receive the above documents, we will send you a form for you to forward to your child’s teacher to complete.


b. If you are applying for Amicus Programs (camp or recreation), we don’t always require the teacher’s input but we may ask to contact them if we are having difficulty determining whether our program is an appropriate fit for your child’s need.


3. Once we have all the necessary documentation, we will inform you of our decision. If your child is accepted into the program, we will ask for a deposit to hold their spot. 

Please Note: Our programs are quite popular. While we try to accommodate all interested participants, decisions are made in the best interest of the participant and the group as a whole. Such decisions cannot be made until ALL required documents are received. Therefore, parents are encouraged to complete all registration requirements as quickly as possible to allow for a timely response. When there are a number of approved candidates to choose from, a 'first come, first served' approach will be utilized.


4. If you need financial assistance, the application form can be sent out to you once your child is accepted into the program.