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Inside ADHD for Educators

10 Module Online Learning

Our facilitated online course, Inside ADHD for Educators, takes you inside the world of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at school, one module at a time. This 10-module course has been designed for professionals who work with or plan to work with students with ADHD. Our mission is to increase knowledge, skills, and abilities to maximize teacher and student success.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to ADHD
  • Diagnosis, presentation, treatment
  • ADHD & Executive Functioning
  • ADHD & Cognitive Proficiency
  • ADHD Impact on Social & Emotional Functioning
  • ADHD & Associated Disorders
  • The Brain - Learning & ADHD
  • Strategies to Support Cognitive Functioning
  • Strategies to Support Social & Behavioural Functioning
  • Set-up for Success

Course Progression

The course has been broken down into 10 modules. Each module is estimated to take approximately 3 - 4 hours to complete. All modules will be accessible from the date the course opens and progression through the modules occurs sequentially. You can work on each module on your own time and at your own pace for up to four months. Each module offers activities including viewing a Prezi presentation, a brief quiz, additional readings and/or resources and a short assignment or discussion post. An LD expert will be facilitating the course and will interact with students throughout the course. Students will also engage in online discussions with other students. This course is not graded, however, in order to earn a Certificate of Completion, all activities must be completed.

A new Course begins every August, December and April and have 16 weeks to complete all modules. Participants may enroll up to two months into a Course.

Recommended Participants

Teachers, administrators, educational assistants, and psychologists and counsellors who work with students.


  • $250 for teachers, administrators and psychologists 
  • $150 for Educational Assistants, Early Childhood Educators and university students (must register with a university email address).

Group rates and private groups are available. A private group can encourage team building, collaboration, and a shared language for staff at the same school. 

5-9 participants: $200/person (a $50/person discount)

10-19 participants: $175/person (a $75/person discount)

20+ participants: $150/person (a $100/person discount)