Having a child diagnosed with ADHD can be overwhelming. The Inside ADHD for Families online course was created to allow parents to access evidence-based, reliable information, strategies and support for their children diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

This online course has been designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of ADHD. You will learn how ADHD can impact a child’s academics, behaviour, and well-being. You will learn about evidence-based strategies and tools to build your knowledge, skills and abilities which will increase your child’s success

The course is presented in a format that is convenient to access. Hectic lifestyles make it challenging to commit to attending in-person classes. Online learning options provide flexibility by being open 24/7. If desired, a parent can revisit the same content multiple times. It also allows parents the ability to access information when it’s convenient for them. Learn at your own pace. The course is available whenever you are. 

Topics Covered:

Module 1: Step Inside ADHD

This introductory module will cover the basics of ADHD, examines myths versus facts and talks about the realities of living with ADHD and how it can affect people differently across their lifespan.

Module 2: ADHD Diagnosis

Module 2 takes participants through the process of diagnosis of ADHD. Symptoms and signs of ADHD will be explored including how they show up differently depending on a person's age and gender. Information will also be provided about explaining the ADHD diagnosis to your child and to family members and other significant people in your child's life. 

Module 3: Co-Occurring Conditions

ADHD frequently appears alongside other disorders. This module will explore the most four most common co-occurring conditions - anxiety, depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disabilities/Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Module 4a: ADHD at School

This module looks at how ADHD impacts children at school.

Module 4b: How to Help: ADHD at School

The second part of this module explores strategies that can be used to support your child's school experience.   

Module 5a: ADHD and Emotional/Behavioural Functioning

This module explores how ADHD affects a child's emotional and behavioural functioning. Topics explored include: how parenting styles affect a child with ADHD, how to support a child's emotional regulation and the importance of interpersonal connection.

Module 6: How to Help: Social/Emotional Functioning

This module examines how ADHD can impact social skills and the strategies that can be utilized to support a child's social functioning at home and in the community. 

Module 6:ADHD Treatment

This module explores all the options available for ADHD treatment including behavioural, counselling and medication. The impact of sleep and diet will also be explored as well as discussion of some alternative treatments.

Module 7: Set Up for Success

This final module will bring together concepts learned so far and also explore the importance of the goodness of fit with the child's environment, relationships, recognizing and supporting "islands of competence" and self-esteem. Additional topics include how to be an effective advocate for your child; how to teach your child to be a self-advocate; preparing your child for the transition to adulthood and, relationships with non-ADHD family members.

Target Audience:

Parents, Caregivers and Family Members of children with ADHD

Cost: $25