The Inside Learning Disabilities for Families online course was created to allow parents to access evidence-based, reliable information, strategies and support for their children diagnosed with a Learning Disability. It is presented in a format that is convenient to access. Hectic lifestyles make it challenging to commit to attending in-person classes And, reading books or websites can leave a person feeling like they’re alone. Online learning options provide flexibility by being open 24/7. If desired, a parent can revisit the same content multiple times. It also allows parents the ability to access information when it’s convenient for them. 

Having a child diagnosed with a Learning Disability can be overwhelming and isolating. This 10-module online course has been designed to increase your knowledge and understanding of Learning Disabilities. You will learn how Learning Disabilities can impact a child’s academics, behaviour, and well-being. You will learn about evidence-based strategies and tools to build your knowledge, skills and abilities which will increase your child’s success.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Learning Disabilities
  • Examination of Specific Learning Disabilities
  • The relationship between Learning Disabilities and executive functioning
  • The impact that Learning Disabilities can have on social/emotional functioning
  • Setting students up for success (e.g., transitions, self-advocacy, and collaboration)
  • The disorders that frequently co-occur with Learning Disabilities (i.e., Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, depression, and anxiety)
  • Learning Disabilities at school
  • Strategies for school
  • The learning brain

Learn at your own pace. The course is available whenever you are. 

Target Audience:

Parents, Caregivers and Family Members of children with Learning Disabilties

Cost: $25

I’m on Module 8 of the 10 module program that Foothills offers: "Inside Learning Disabilities for Families". I am fascinated and mind-blown by the program.