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Parent Online Support Group

Parenting Kids with LD and ADHD: A Parent Education and Support Group

Parent education and support group specifically for Parents/Guardians of children and youth with Learning Disabilities and ADHD. Next available session to be announced.

When parents are told that their child has been diagnosed with a Learning Disability (LD), like Dyslexia, the immediate concern is usually how this will affect their child’s academic progress. But, Learning Disabilities affect much more than just academics. Most parents are not prepared for the amount of social, emotional and behavioural issues their child may experience. 

We are offering a Parent Support Group specifically for parents or guardians of children and youth diagnosed with a Learning Disability or ADHD.

This online and facilitated six-week program is built to support parents/guardians in understanding these topics and learning from each other. Each session will be 1.5 hours in length with the first portion providing a presentation on a weekly topic followed by a facilitated group discussion regarding how to bring these ideas into your home. These programs will be run by our practicum students and Provisional Psychologists.

Supporting My Child with Managing Emotions and Behaviours

Everyone experiences big feelings and children are no exception. Sometimes these big feelings translate into behaviours that leave parents wondering what to do next. How can we best support our children as they navigate the ups and downs of their emotions and demonstrate them in more positive, productive ways?

Who Can Register

Parents/guardians who have one or more child or youth (6 - 18) who has been diagnosed by a psychologist with a Specific Learning Disorder (Reading, Writing and/or Math) or Learning Disability (LD) or ADHD. The group size will be limited to 12 participants. As we are unable to offer psychological services outside of Alberta, all participants must be located in Alberta. 


Next available session to be announced


These groups will be held online through Zoom. If there is enough interest, we can shift to in-person.


$150 for the six-week program. The cost may be claimed as psychological fees on many private benefit packages