Foothills Parents

School Supplies and Gym Strip

At Foothills Academy, we include almost all school-related expenses into the tuition fee.

Tuition fees include:

  • Transportation (city of Calgary and some surrounding communities)
  • All field trip costs
  • All technology costs including use of an individual device (iPad, Chrome book, laptop) every day at school
  • Onsite psychologist team and some specialized Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Therapy services
  • School supplies & textbook rental fees.

Gym Strip

Throughout the year, your child’s Physical Education class will cover various sporting activities. For students to do their best, be comfortable and safe, they need the correct clothing. gym strip

Gym strip is mandatory for all students in grades 7-12

  • Students are expected to wear the 'Foothills' branded gym strip: black shorts and a black or maroon t-shirt, available for purchase from the Foothills Academy store.
  • If a student has a previous 'Foothills' branded gym strip, they are still acceptable. 
  • Students must also have running/training shoes with non-marking soles for PE class.

*Winter boots, sandals/crocs, and bare/socked feet will not be allowed. Please contact the Phys Ed team at if you have any questions!

School Supplies

On the first day of school, the students receive their class schedule and all their school supplies from their homeroom teacher. We make every attempt to provide them with everything they will need during the year, including binders, paper, notebooks, textbooks, writing implements and an electronic device. Students are required to request additional supplies as needed through the year.


Each student receives his or her own locker and he or she is expected to keep it in reasonable order during the year and clean it out by the end of June. On the first day of school, the homeroom teachers distribute combination locks and locker numbers to the students.