We know that all students at Foothills Academy are bright, capable learners, as well as effective and successful learners.  With this knowledge in mind, we hold clear expectations when it comes to homework at Foothills.

Homework varies. It is an essential part of a student's learning, however, we do not pile on the homework. Our smaller class sizes allow for teachers to work with students during class time. Our elementary students work on foundational skills while our Junior and Senior High students work on preparation, review, practice and study of materials taught.

If no homework is given to a student, it is always a meaningful exercise for students to spend their time organizing their notes, files, folders, and reviewing their school-work from the day.

Steps to be taken when homework is not completed

  • If a student struggles with their homework and cannot complete it, they must see the appropriate teacher first thing in the morning to discuss the homework and formulate a plan/resolution.
  • If a student fails to hand their homework in on time, the teacher and the student need to conference to arrange a new, reasonable deadline for submission (between one and three days).
  • If the student fails to meet the second deadline, the student must complete the homework in detention that night.
  • If the student still neglects to have the homework completed, school administration will work with the student to resolve the matter.
  • Regardless of standards and test scores, we cannot lose the idea that the essence of schooling should be to nurture curiosity, wonder, and the excitement of learning something new

Homework Supports

What Can School Staff Do?

  • Homework club runs from Monday to Thursday from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm, and students are welcome to stay to complete homework and get assistance with homework assignments where possible.
  • Homework assignments are online at http://www.foothillsacademy.org/student-homework/
  • Teachers and assistants should be able to help students create a homework schedule and organizer.
  • Teachers and assistants should be able to work with the students to determine which strategies for homework and organization work best (reminders, schedules, timers, brain breaks, chunking work, mind maps, etc...).  Teachers should also have reminders on screens and in classrooms about homework club supervision.

What Can Parents Do?

  • Parents need to support their children with homework by helping to create a clear space, free from most distractions, for them to do their homework.
  • Ensure that your child has had a break from school and had some physical activity (even a 5-minute walk around the block can help).
  • Ensure that your child has had a drink and a healthy snack to fuel their mental effort and regulation.
  • DO NOT DO THE HOMEWORK FOR YOUR CHILD.  When parents think that they are helping their child by doing their homework for/with them, the teacher receives false feedback about the ability of that student, and this can seriously impact the academic progress of the student in the immediate and long-term.  

What Can Students Do?

  •  When you get home, before starting work, you must have a healthy snack and a healthy drink.
  • Try to get some exercise such as walking outside, throwing a ball around, riding a bike or jumping on a trampoline, before starting your homework.
  • Ensure that your parents help you to find a quiet space, free of clutter and distraction at home, for you to spread out your homework.
  • Have a timer in sight, so that you can clearly see how long you have been working for.
  • Work for 15 minutes at a time, and take a break for 5 minutes to stand up, stretch, have a drink of water, and then start your timer again for 15 minutes.  Older students may want to work in blocks of 20 minutes before taking a break, or even 30 minute or 45 minute blocks. Do what works for you but be sure to break up the time with a drink and a stretch, and always have your timer visible.
  • Always have a PLAN.
  • Ask your teacher or another staff member to help you work on a plan for homework.  They can help you to break the tasks down into measurable chunks, so you know how many times you have to set your timer.
  • Teachers can also help you to draw up a schedule (SEE TEMPLATE BELOW) and they can help you fill it in.
  • Teachers can also help you to put reminders into your phone or have alerts on an app to remind you that you need to be doing your homework, and so that you don’t forget deadlines.
  • Teachers can help you to work back from the final due date, to break down the homework task into steps so that it is not too onerous.
  • Ask if you are unsure or need help.
  • If you haven't completed your homework, for whatever reason, go and speak to your teacher BEFORE they come and speak to you about it.
    Homework Planning Template

Please note: When no homework is scheduled, it is imperative to stay in the routine of organizing files (on your computer or in your binder), and planning for the week, and reading notes from the day.