Every family who joins the Foothills Academy becomes part of a larger community working together to support all our students. 

Since its beginning, one thing that has made Foothills Academy unique is that no child in need has been turned away from our school program for financial reasons. Currently, approximately 40% of the families whose children attend the school program access some amount of bursary assistance. This has only been achieved through everyone contributing to fundraising efforts.

When your child becomes a Foothills Academy student, each family commits to:

1. Become members of Foothills Academy Parents’ Association (FAPA) $30 per year
Full participation in our Parents’ Association ensures it can achieve its two main objectives – helping to raise funds for the school and helping to provide three scholarships for our graduating students.

2. Attend two General Meetings (September and June each year) to hear updates from Administration
We all benefit from opportunities to gather together and hear about updates and plans for Foothills Academy. Parents are required to attend two general meetings a year – September and June.

3. Contribute to fundraising efforts
Foothills Academy is a unique school. One of the principles of our founders that we are most proud of is the commitment to make Foothills Academy as financially accessible as possible to all children who can benefit from its specialized learning environment. We do this by:

  1. Keeping tuition fees as low as possible while providing the highest quality of education
  2. Providing bursaries/financial assistance on a sliding-scale basis to families who require additional financial assistance

We are only able to achieve this when everyone (parents/guardians, students and staff) contribute to our fundraising efforts.

Here are some examples of what your fundraising helps us to provide:

  • bursary assistance on a sliding-scale basis to approximately 40% of our students so we can fulfil our promise to never turn a family away due to their financial circumstances
  • low student-teacher ratios
  • up-to-date technology in the classroom
  • a full-time Assistive Technology specialist to support our students
  • on-site mental health support, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Therapy for our students
  • a variety of field trips and other immersive, experiential educational without additional cost to families
  • and so much more!

Families have options for how to make up the difference between the tuition fees paid and the cost of running our school program. Currently, this means that each family needs to try to contribute approximately $4,000 per year. Parents have the option to make a one-time donation or monthly donations; arrange for corporate sponsorship; or, they can participate in various fundraising activities arranged by the school and FAPA.

For the 2021/22 school year, we are going to be limited in the fundraising events that we will be able to offer. We are encouraging you - as much as possible - to make a cash donation to the school. This could be a one-time donation or sign up for our monthly donor program. As a reminder, all cash donations ($20 or more) are eligible for a tax donation receipt for the full amount of the donation.

Fundraising Options:

A: Make a one-time payment of $4,000. Make a one-time donation of $4,000. Donations are processed in July or whenever registration occurs if after July. You will receive a donation tax receipt for 100% of your donation. This donation fulfills all of your financial and volunteer Family Commitments for the 2021- 2022 school year. Note: You are still required to attend the General Meetings and become a member of FAPA.

B: Donate $4,000 through a monthly donation: Set up a monthly donation of $333 through our online form or an employer program. You will receive a donation tax receipt for 100% of your donation. This ongoing donation fulfills your financial and volunteer Family Commitments for the 2021- 2022 school year. Note: You are still required to attend the General Meetings and become a member of FAPA.

C: Provide Sponsorship for a special event: Sponsorship of $5,000 or more for the golf tournament will fulfill all your fundraising and volunteer requirements for the year. Sponsorship is not eligible for tax receipts. Note: You are still required to attend the General Meetings and become a member of FAPA.

D: Participate in Foothills Academy Fundraising Activities throughout the year organized by Foothills Academy and FAPA in the following ways. You can mix and match the following options. Where there are suggested minimums, feel free to exceed in one area and do less in another area:

i. Make a one-time or monthly donation of any amount: Set up a donation of any amount either as a one-time donation or monthly donation through our online form or an employer program to fulfil part of your Family Commitment. A donation of even $50 or $100 a month would help us get much closer to our fundraising goal for 2021/22. You will receive a donation tax receipt for 100% of your donation. Is there a grandparent or aunt or uncle who would like to contribute? Their donation can count toward your Family Commitment. Just make sure that they note the student who it is supporting and we will count that toward your Family Commitment.

ii. Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Charity Challenge: Raise donations to support Foothills Academy through the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon which is taking place in September 2021 (and anticipated again May 2022). Register in whichever distance race you wish. The Marathon is a great opportunity for the whole family to register and participate in an event in support of Foothills Academy. Suggested minimum raised $500.

iii. Truck Raffle plus 50/50: (FAPA organized) Use your network of friends and family to sell truck raffle tickets. Ticket sales will begin in June and will end approximately Thanksgiving weekend. New for 2021/22 will be a 50/50 draw that raffle ticket purchaser will be able to participate in (more details to come). Suggested minimum sales $600.

iv. Register and/or Sponsor the Golf Tournament: In 2021/22, it is expected that we will be holding only one fundraising event - the Gordon Hoffman Charity Golf Classic. Register a foursome and/or be a sponsor. When you invite people to one of our special events, this helps us build a broader community of supporters. Share your enthusiasm for all that Foothills does by inviting friends, family or business associates to our golf tournament. 

E. Create Your Own Option: Be creative! If you would like to propose an alternative arrangement that helps us fulfill our fundraising needs, we are open to discussing this. Note: You are still required to attend the General Meeting and become a member of FAPA.

Possible additional opportunities that may be offered. All fundraising and volunteering opportunities will be communicated to you through the school enews:

  • Volunteer: We sometimes need volunteers in a variety of capacities throughout the year (COVID protocols permitting). Volunteer opportunities are announced in the weekly Enews.
  • Donation of Non-Cash Items or Services for Auctions: We may have a silent auction to coincide with the golf tournament. If so, we will put an announcement in the weekly school enews asking for donations of new items or services. 
  • Casino: (FAPA organized) Held approximately every 18 months.

DID YOU KNOW? Many employers offer matching gift programs that you could use to increase your financial contribution to Foothills Academy and count toward your Family Commitment. And, if you participate in an employer United Way Campaign, you can direct your donation to come directly to Foothills Academy (and will count toward your Family Commitment).