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Why choose Foothills Academy Society?
One of the most important choices you can make during your lifetime is the impact you wish to make through your Will or other estate plans. After taking care of the people closest to you – family or friends – you may wish to leave a gift to support an organization or a cause that has deep meaning for you. 

What are the benefits of making a bequest or planned gift? 
One of the greatest benefits of making a bequest – a gift through your Will – or other planned gift is that you may be able to provide a greater level of support to Foothills Academy Society than is possible during your lifetime. There are also tax advantages to making a bequest – a gift through your Will – or other form of planned gift that benefit your estate.

What are my options?
The most common way to leave a gift to Foothills Academy Society is through your Will. Other opportunities include gifts of life insurance, securities or registered retirement funds.

Which areas of Foothills Academy Society benefit from bequests? 
You can designate your bequest to support the areas of Foothills Academy Society closest to your heart including bursaries or specific programs such as the school or Camp Amicus to help future students or campers reach their potential. You can also choose to leave funds to the highest priorities of Foothills Academy Society and know that your gift will have a great impact on children with Learning Disabilities when the time comes. Gifts may be endowed or for immediate use.

Confirm your Intentions
Have you already included Foothills Academy Society in your estate plans? If so, we invite you to complete a Statement of Intent and return it to the Bequests and Planned Giving team. We value knowing your future intentions so we can help ensure your wishes will be followed. Foothills Academy Society would also be pleased to recognize you for your future generosity or maintain your anonymity. 

We're here to help!
Staff are available to discuss options with you or your representative and provide support to ensure your specific wishes will be followed.