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Camp Amicus Teen Leadership Camps offer unique day camp experiences where teens with Learning Disabilities/ADHD can develop leadership and social skills while having fun and building friendships.

Camp Amicus Leadership Camps take place from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday unless otherwise specified. The camps focus on teaching and reinforcing social skills in a fun and safe environment. Days are spent developing social skills with direct instruction and supporting this learning through real-world experiences. The two and three week camps provide time for participants lots of opportunities to practice the social skills they learn. With a variety of activities offered throughout the day, there is something for every participant and opportunities to try new things. The programming at Camp Amicus provides participants with opportunities to do activities to build self­-esteem and confidence.

There are two Leadership Camps to choose from.


The goals of the Camp Amicus POLARIS camps are to increase the campers’ self-esteem, make friends, learn social skills, have a ton of fun and make lasting friendships!  POLARIS focuses on personal development, working cohesively with others and integrating their long-term goals into their daily lives. We typically include an overnight hiking trip and its preparation as the main tool for integrating our participants' individual learning into the program. 

Counsellor-in-Training Program (CIT)

CIT is a job readiness program that focuses on the skills and leadership qualities necessary for former Amicus Campers to start their transition to a camp staff role. Our CIT program includes learning about program planning, behaviour management, and relationship development. The CIT Program also typically includes a week-long placement working with campers to put their skills into action.