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Camp Amicus helps youth with Learning Disabilities and ADHD increase social skills, self-confidence and self-esteem

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Camp Amicus is a unique summer camp program designed specifically for children and youth with Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD. Our goal is to create a rewarding and successful summer camp for each young person. We provide a structured and supportive environment for children to learn social skills, build relationships and have fun! Mature, caring counselors plan activities to ensure that campers build confidence and self-esteem while enjoying a true camp experience. We offer both overnight and day camp options as well as horsemanship, Teen Leadership/ hiking, and Counsellor-in-Training camps.

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Why Send Your Child to Camp Amicus?

  • A camp program for children with Learning Disabilities/ADHD operating since 1982
  • A 3:1 camper to counsellor ratio with leadership staff and a Camp Manager to support campers and staff
  • Camp Amicus offers a social skills program grounded in evidence-based, behavioural and social learning theories specifically for youth with LD/ADHD
  • It offers fun, non-competitive camp activities
  • Programming reinforces age-appropriate social skills in a safe and supportive environment
  • Mature, caring counsellors plan activities to ensure that campers build confidence and self-esteem, while having a great time
  • All staff recieve specific ADHD and learning disability training in addition to a certification in SIVA (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments) safety management

"Camp Amicus provides a rewarding and successful summer camp experience where adolescents with ADHD learn social skills, build relationships, confidence, and self-esteem. Overall, the present findings provide evidence that adolescents with ADHD enhanced their social competence. The camp structure, programming, and counsellor approaches provide practice and reinforcement of age-appropriate social skills in a fun and safe environment. These results support the premise that evidence-based social skills programs can be effectively implemented in community settings such as summer camp and can help adolescents develop social competence in a short amount of time." (Neprily, 2020, p.76). 
This is a quote from the 2020 study entitled "Summer Camp for Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Naturalistic Context for Enhancing Social Competence" that looked at the impact of Camp Amicus.

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