Amicus Recreation Programs


Glow in the dark soccer, dodgeball, floor hockey and more (Grades 3 to 9)

Multisport 1 (GR 3-6)

  • Thursdays (Multisport 1) 6 week program

Multisport 2 (GR 7-9)

  • Wednesdays (Multisport 2) 6 week program


Play your favourite sports and learn new ones at Amicus Multisport! With a wide variety of activities and sports available, we have something for everyone. Activities will include...

- Climbing at a local climbing gym
- New sports like Cricket and Archery
- Timeless favourites like gaga ball and badminton
 - And more!

Join us for an evening of high-energy activity, social skills and friends at Amicus Multisport!

Multisport 1:
Grades: 3-6
Location: Foothills Academy
Fee: $225
When: Thursdays (see sidebar schedule) 
Field trips: Date TBD - Bolder Elevated 

Multisport 2:
: 7-9
Locations: Foothills Academy
Fee: $225
When: Wednesdays (see sidebar schedule)
Field Trips: Date TBD - Bolder Elevated

Intake Criteria:

If your child has not participated in an Amicus or social skills program through Foothills Academy before, a Parent Intake Form must be completed and returned to the Intake Coordinator.